Auster (Oyster) - Shortfilm

Carl krause auster promobild 02 rgb laurels

responsible for: directing, lookdev, propmodeling, shading, lighting, (additional) comp

Auster (Oyster) - Shortfilm

Carl krause still 01
Carl krause assest render ckr 01

modeling, texturing & shading
(design by Felix Zehender)

Carl krause assest render ckr 02

texturing & shading
(design by Felix Zehender, modeling by Nadine Schwenk)

Carl krause assest render ckr 03

modeling & shading
(design by Felix Zehender)

Auster (Oyster) - Shortfilm

Oyster is a shortfilm I co-directed with Dominik Stockhausen during my studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
Besides writing and directing I was also responsible for LookDev, prop-modeling, shading, lighting and comp.

Oyster got nominated for several international festivals. You can follow the project: