This reel shows a selection of my work as a lookdev artist and cg generalist.
Most of the projects are created during my studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
The last two projects are from Psyop NY.
Music by Snow Patrol, Soundmixing by Karoline Lindt

00:04 - "balloon" personal project - all aspects (from concept to comp)
00:22 - shading studies - shading
00:29 - "Tears in Heaven" student commercial - rocket modeling, texturing, shading
00:34 - "MindPalace" - diploma VR realtime experience - directing, lookdev, modeling, shading, simulation, lighting
00:52 - "Auster" - student shortfilm - directing, lookdev, prop-modeling, shading, lighting, comp
01:00 - "Beat Fever" - commercial by Psyop NY - prop-modeling/texturing/shading
01:06 - "The Letter" - commercial by Psyop NY - prop-modeling/texturing